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A phrase that causes great confusion in communication between Brits and South Africans. In Britain it mean "immediate past". In South Africa it means "immediate future" or "sometime soon.. when I feel like it.. maybe never".
British teacher: Have you finished the work I set you just now?
South African student: I'll do it just now.
#soon #now #immediately #a while ago #a while back
by Schmunzelmonster September 01, 2008
In the BDSM community, many people have fixed ideas about how a dominant or submissive should behave and attempt to inflict their opinions on others. They disparage others by saying "if you were a true dom you'd do x". The others in turn disparage them by calling them "twue" (a supposedly effeminate version of "true"). Also spelt "twoo" and "tw00".
"Joe told me I wasn't a proper sub because I wouldn't do what he wanted - even though it was revcolting"
"Don't worry about Joe. He's a twue dom and a twue asshole".
#twoo #tw00 #bdsm #sub #dom
by Schmunzelmonster April 13, 2006
Oops, I just spoke an inadvertent double entendre and I want you to believe that my mind is dirty enough to have realised it but not so dirty as to have done it deliberately
I was standing in a cold draught talking to that sexy new girl from no. 21 and now I'm all stiff. <pause, slight blush> er.. as it were.
#double entendre #doiuble meaning #pun #embarrassment #dirty mind
by Schmunzelmonster February 18, 2009
1) An expat or second generation Greek Cypriot living in England.

2) The dialect of Cypriot Greek spoken by the above. Tends to contain many English words "Hellenified" by Greek endings and spoken with a strong Cypriot accent.

The term originates in Cyprus and is mildly insulting. It refers to Prince Charles as the archetypal Englishman.
"I thought he was speaking Greek but I'm sure I heard the word 'shopping' in there."

"Yeah, he's speaking Charlie.".
#greek #cypriot #cyprus #expat #language
by Schmunzelmonster July 16, 2008
Mathematically inept to the point of not knowing dollars from cents. For example, see the YouTube clips where a succession of Verizon employees demonstrate they do not know the difference.
Q. Why does anyone play the lottery at those odds?
A. They don't realise it's a tax on verizons.

Q. What does it mean when a footballer says he's going to give 110%?
A. No-one really knows. It's a thing verizons say when they want to sound keen and cool.
#math #maths #stupidity #cellphone #mobile
by Schmunzelmonster January 20, 2007
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