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Gel-covered spikey haircut that has the sides shaved. The Jurgle is known for not only being massive, but also for eating things that hair just should not eat i.e. faces, fingers, and ninja turtle action figures.
Lee's jurgle was so massive, it ate my bitchin' ninja turtle without even chewing.

Lee almost dropped the football, but luckily the Jurgle was there to run it in for a touchdown.

Oh shit, I forgot a pencil for my big test...Lee, give me back my pencil your jurgle ate last week.
by McMichael VanWasson March 03, 2003
To block and unblock a user on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook.
Eren's so annoying. Should I jurgle him on Instagram? All he does is comment weird things on my photos!
by nozomitojo December 20, 2015
on social media to block someone and to unblock them
Can't believe this chick jurgled me on ig!
by neckyourself January 30, 2016
to laugh at something internally or on the inside; i.e. to laugh at something you read or saw on the internet
When I first saw the Star Wars Kid, I jurgled. Now that is old and trite.

Mozilla Firefox's new built-in spellchecker doesn't recognize jurgle. It's a word I tell you. You know you just jurgled.
by Emperor Iason Tzu the Great February 11, 2007
the sound of a stomach sloshing, mostly liquid rather than solid growling like a dog barking.
When my wife goes running, she complains about how her stomach jurgles so loudly other runners stare at her.
by Dave Henry December 16, 2007
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