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A asian pimp, usually found in northern forrests of narnia, sexy, attractive and great in bed.
"Oh your so good in bed like a Junny!"

"Your so cool, you can be considered a Junny."

"The president of canada is best friends with Junny."

"Junny wrecked me last night he is so crazy."
by pikajew101 May 04, 2010
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a awsome asian person who may be slow at times but is still awesome.
Your such a junny, even though it took you awhile to get hte joke.
by alkjfs November 11, 2007
A very uncool, non-stylish person place or thing
that shirt is so junny...
you're so junnny
It was junny last night at the dance
by jalijown November 03, 2009
A retarded tech rep that knows less than you do about the problem for which you are calling in for.
I called Cingular for help but got some useless junny.
by Jasno4 December 28, 2005

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