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When one writes "801", it can be read as "yaoi".
8 - comes from "ya" in the japanese number "8", when read as 'yattsu'.
0 - comes from the roman letter "O."
1 - comes from the "I" in the japanese number for "1", 'ichi'.

The word can be thought of as shorthand, or a code word for yaoi.
Hey LuvEX, did you read the last yaoi comic in BL Gold?

LuvEX: Hey, use 801 instead plz, my mom's in the room.

by Michellemakrell August 08, 2008
The area code representing the Wasatch front of Utah (upwards of 80% of the population of utah, spanning along the western base of the wasatch mountains). Often voiced by locals as a prideful indicator of their home territory, or often as a shorthand reference of the wasatch front area.
Back in the 801, visiting my sister wives
by SwiggitySwoot December 20, 2015
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