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A small, ass backwards county in central Pennsylvania. Juniata College is not located in Juniata County. Population of roughly 23,000 (22,000 hicks, 1,000 spics)
Do not end up here if at all possible.
"those people from Juniata are so hick, they make Larry the Cable Guy look like a random member from the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"
by 47llabtoofcvl March 29, 2005
Noun: A place where all the dirt in the world collects and resides.
Adjective: (As in Juniata kid) Someone really cool and worthy of all the money and really hot babes in the world.
It really really smells like crap in Juniata.
by Sex-driven Whale August 01, 2003
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