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To those of the Filipino-persuasion, JunJun is another version of Junior.
My brother was named after my dad, so we call him JunJun.
by ns September 09, 2004
Haveing Much Love And respect For Someone But They Are Not Quite On your Level
"See Fred Over There, He is My Jun Jun"
by Average_Freak January 04, 2008
the sound a guitar makes when listening to hardcore-like music.
could you guys play me some jun jun music?
by jay n August 17, 2006
1. A particularly dramatic and breathtaking moment when everything slow's down and begins to make sense.

2. In hardcore music; A breakdown
1. last week when we saw that car fly off that overpass and land on top of the ambulance in the lane next to us, and nobody was injured, that was some... "jun jun"

2.what kind of music do you like?..... i like that stuff that goes jun jun.....jjjjun jun
by ganjer9 September 15, 2009
a name/term used for referring to a whack ass wanna be. Mostly used on fat lame rappers.
He's acting so tough and cool though he is a Jun - Jun
by mrdizaster January 02, 2011
funny. japanese culture enthusiast. computer geek. sometimes a loner. gets into fights a lot. mama's boy. usually shorter than average. cool guy
jun jun is equivalent to a donkey's teeth
by yougotshanked911 June 14, 2009
the privates of females, but only to be used in daily conversations by the lower class such as those who are too indignified to use the word 'vagina' withot laughing their asses off. used by young mothers when tackling the delicate topic of "mommy where do kids come from?" but never reliable for accurate anatomical information, of course.
"ma where do kids come from?"

"well, hun, see that kitty? the male kitty's thingey goes into the female kitty's junjun and poof there goes the baby."
by Damn Those Nachos October 19, 2006
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