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City in the western part of Gwinnett County, Georgia with a very diverse population. The wealthier and more upscale area is Peachtree Corners, where many neighborhoods with nice houses can be found. This area is known for a shopping center called the Forum, a string of restaurants and stores that make for a truly unique shopping experience. There are four high schools in the city, two private, one public, and one technical school. Norcross may be referred to as Da Cross, and Norcross High has been known for being a basketball powerhouse.
-Do you wanna go to the movies or the bowling alley tonight?

- Let's just meet at Ingles.
by NS January 06, 2005
It's a dessert that originated in Maui, consisting of macadamia ice cream, chocolate crust, chocolate syrup, and almonds... It's hella good!
Save room for dessert, I want to order a slice of Hula Pie!!
by ns September 09, 2004
To those of the Filipino-persuasion, JunJun is another version of Junior.
My brother was named after my dad, so we call him JunJun.
by ns September 09, 2004
A blend of Polynesian, European and Asian culture and/or ethnicity (seen in New Zealand magazine Tu Mai).
Aotearoa/New Zealand is becoming more and more Polyeurasian.
by NS March 13, 2004
High-quality (drugs).

Derives from crack + diggity.
This is the criggity!! One hit you'll be gone, son!!
by ns December 06, 2003
A contraction for stupid ogre. Meaning, a large individual with an intelligence deficiency.
Stupid stogre...
by ns December 07, 2003
A contraction for "sketchy ogre." Meaning, a large individual committed to unusual behavior.
Shup, you stupid skogre!!
by ns December 07, 2003

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