An American name for a girl often tall and beautiful but at the same time will stab you in the back and be fake
Any Julia
by Dabomnigga February 28, 2014
Julia is the type of girl who is a blonde and will do anything to get the d. She is a major slut and is always flirting with guys. She wears to tightest clothes she can find to "show off" and will do just about anything to get with a guy. She also can't go a day without her precious Starbucks or else she'll be in a bad mood. She is also a drug addict and will sell you some drugs if you want it.
Don't be a Julia! Stop being a slut!
by Hit boy 5 November 13, 2014
A really kind and caring girl, who has lots of friends and is very popular. She reminds some people of a donkey, but overall she's really fun to be with. Julia's usually have a really good sense of humor, so they're good to be around when you're feeling sad.
Wow, that girl is so funny!
I know, she's also a Julia.
by WonkeyDonkeyUnited October 09, 2011
sex freak
arabian princess
wish that girl last night had been more of a julia
by jrjrjr123123123 June 19, 2011
A girl, has a best friend named Louisa. She has a partner in crime, known as Nikki. Loves junk food. ex. cheeseballs or candy strips. Shes a fun girl who is friends with every one, always gets the guy and is always having a great time.
"Did you know Julia is a beautiful blonde?"
"Well duh, I'd tap that!"
by xundercover August 18, 2011
A person who is very short, but dates tall people.
"When you're with him, you're such a Julia"
by VictoriaBeth February 01, 2007
a thot ass hoe who has a new boyfriend every 2 weeks, at least 2 a month... fake as fuck. ugly as shit. looks likea fucking beaver with rabbies...... wowwwwwwww annoying as fuck cant fight for shit and wont be able to say anything to say to ur face----> mostly white julia's
soo you should have no problem beating this girl up

black julia's------> boss ass bitches stay real always coolan ndd yea doe
Rebecca said "You got some shit to say you say it to my damn face"
Julia immediately runs away but Rebecca follows her and beats her up until Julia bleeds. Julia then cries, contacts her mother while her mother contacts the principal of the school and nobody saw Rebecca again. Now everyone hates Julia.
by bossassbitchsofuckyou December 20, 2013

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