Julias are usually tall and skinny. They have blond hair and brown eyes and are usually very athletic. They play lots of sports but usually play volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Julias are great dancers but don't actually dance. They usually worry about grades and are always hardworking. They have lots of sisters but no brothers. Julias make great friends and are gorgeous and smart.
by Hhahahhaahhahah May 31, 2013
Obsessed with guys.
julia: the guys are looking at us we need to leave

friends: no they are not. You are being such a Julia
by roftlcopter July 26, 2011
A really kind and caring girl, who has lots of friends and is very popular. She reminds some people of a donkey, but overall she's really fun to be with. Julia's usually have a really good sense of humor, so they're good to be around when you're feeling sad.
Wow, that girl is so funny!
I know, she's also a Julia.
by WonkeyDonkeyUnited October 09, 2011
A baby headed ass ho'
Aye fam julia got a tennis ball 4 a head?
by Elsvnto April 05, 2015
Lazy. Always tired. Always bored.
Don't be like a Julia.
I am feeling like a Julia today.
by Z3U5 February 24, 2015
A wonderful girl who loves Killian and spends her days reading alone in the dark. A Julia loves music and hates people named Morgan. A Julia hates cats and can be very creepy, possibly a serial killer, but loves others and pineapples because they are awesome. A Julia also marries people named Colin. She hates the sun and nature but loves life because who doesn't. She laughs a lot and enjoys making people laugh. A Julia is the most amazing person in the whole world because well just because
Oh my gosh, look at that Julia she is so freaking boss. Oh there goes her boyfriend Colin...
by THE AMAZING JULIA May 16, 2014
sex freak
arabian princess
wish that girl last night had been more of a julia
by jrjrjr123123123 June 19, 2011

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