Tends to like other girl's men and can get very obsessive when she likes someone. Usually has small lips, freckles, and doesn't know how to dress. Some Julia's can be BAD news. Be careful.
Julia Bennett. Point blank period.
by juliahaterrrrlol April 17, 2012
"Queen of Jupiter".
julia- queen of jupiter
marc- king of mars
by jupiterox!!! March 28, 2009
The most Beautiful Girl Ever!! Moved to Maine from Canada and is falls inlove with a guy name Mike. They will probly spend there life together and have kids.
Omg.. did you hear Mike and Julia are getting married!?
by YourLoverForever1212 June 20, 2010
a bimbo asian lacking common sense as a result of haven't being taught at a young age. also has a massive forehead.
"Julia, why don't you have common sense??!?!"
"i don't know i wasn't taught it when i was younger!"
by Ric-Tarded December 19, 2012
A person who is very short, but dates tall people.
"When you're with him, you're such a Julia"
by JuliaMarie January 29, 2007
Julia is a very mean and judgmental girl that is spoilt and usually always gets what she wants; in a bad way. She looks for 'friends' that she can boss around. She recently lost her old 'friends' and now she moved on to another group of friends which she is currently now bossing around. So, she's basically a bitch.
That girl is so mean!

Yeah, obviously. shes Julia.
by disfunctionaldinosaur February 17, 2012
The most ugly girl in the whole world, has a bittchy attitude and has never has any friends
thinks shes so great but rlly shes just a hoe & a bitch
boy1 - shiiit that must be a julia - she got a manface..
boy2 - yea man lets get outta here i dont want to be here when she starts hitting on us.
by luv me 4eva <3 January 14, 2012

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