An absolutely beautiful person who doesn't realize it. A girl whose emotions reflect that of a lunar eclipse. They can be dark and mysterious, but if you look past that you can see the beauty in them. They think that they have no friends, but you are the person to tell them that everyone is their friend. Julia is just that worth it... the way she puts herself down makes you sad, and when she giggles with that cute high pitch giggle, you can't help but swoon. Her braces (if it applies) make her feel dorky, but you just wanna kiss her either way. She's a great kisser, and you want to tell her that you love her. You want to grab her, kiss her, then walk away. But you can't do that if she doesn't know your name. Getting back on track... ehm... Julia is, in a word, amazing.
Julia Roberts
Julia Stiles
Julia Grant
Julia McMaster
Julia Tyler
Raul Julia (A guy, but I guess this can apply)
by xxXanonymousXxx January 13, 2015
Julia is an amazing girl and the name is of Latin origin. She kicks butt at everything she does, from school to athletics. She may be a little quirky, but it could probably be that you just don't know her yet. She might not be a threat now, but just wait a couple years and she will be stealing everyone's man with her beauty. Watch out for Julia
Alyssa: "Julia? Yeah I guess she is pretty but who cares"

Jane: "Watch out... Julia kicks ass at everything"
by Jewels January 07, 2015
Being pretty. Refering to Julia (Fiona) Roberts in movie Pretty Woman. If you don't find Julia Robs attractive use another word.
Julian: You are so Julia.
Daisy: Thanks, that's nice to hear.
Julian: By the way, what's your name?
by thux March 27, 2013
Really nice and smart! Great friend and great personality! Pessimist.
Julia got an A on the test even though she thought she would fail.
by urbananimecat April 15, 2015
The Hanukkah Hippie that is the awesomest girl in the world.
That Julia was rocking her Jew Star.
by NOTYOURBEESWAX1 December 06, 2012
This is by far the most amazing girl you will EVER meet. Words to describe her are stunning, funny, crazy, hot, and overall perfect. Julia's are normally skinny girls that are short-average heights with brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. Julia's are normally adorable people. They have an adorable face, an adorable personality and an adorable smile. If you know a Julia she is the cutest person you know. Julia's are also the most loyal people you will ever meet. They are the best friend you could ask for, and if you date on letting her go is the biggest mistake of your life. Julia's are off the scale amazing kissers and can make any guy go weak in the knees easily. They also have perfect figures and a PHENOMENAL ASS!! Now the sports that this girl does are normally sports like gymnastics or figure skating but she also LOVES football! The overall personality of these girls are the type of people where when you first meet them they are shy but when you get to know them they are the craziest weirdest girls in the world! They also have an AMAZING sense of humor and a very forgiving and loving heart. However they are not too affectionate. They are extremely sweet but do not like much hugging unless it's with someone she loves! So just remember if you know a Julia she is the most,cute,sweet,gorgeous,&funny person you will ever meet inside & out
Woah that girl is so gorgeous and adorable!

Well duh!! She's an amazing julia
by I actually know everything July 23, 2015
All Julia's are very athletic and play for lots of teams. She also has huge gorgeous boobs and is always the boobular one on the team
Damn, Julia is so boobular!
by All Julia's are sexy January 04, 2014

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