Julia is the female form of Julius. The name Julia for a meaning commonly is referred as Youthful, Soft and gentle. It's used in the following languages: English, German, Swedish, norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Ancient roman, and last biblical. This name comes with many very variants such as Julie or Lulie which originates for ancient Roman. It is ranked 57th in the us for most popular names but surprising comes in first in Poland. From my observations within time I've noticed some very similar traits commonly shared upon the Julia's. Most of them are very artistic which also includes musically artist. They're very kind have lots of friends and is despised by nearly no one. I've also realize they are ALL intelligent like crazy every single Julia I know is as smart as hell. Not all are athletic but if they are they are pretty good at what they do. They can get and achieve anything they desire if set there mind to it and have a great sense of humor. They are nearly made to perfection in everyday but not everyone is perfect they are very very close though. I'm not positive but it seems most Julia's got in a deep relationship with a Lucas Ive known 13 Julia's and 11 of them got in a kong term serious relationship at one point with a Lucas which it may be a complete misunderstanding I just thought I'd note it since it's what I've noticed. So that is what the name Julia means and what most Julia's are like
by Steve Glasscock May 07, 2013
A Julia is a kind girl, although quiet to strangers very weird around her friends. She is a loyal friend and not afraid to speak her mind. Don't be fooled by the tough exterior, Julias have cried themselves to sleep before. They have dirty minds and aren't afraid to show it. They are typically bad at showing potential dates they like them. Although bad at the first move, happy to say yes to most. Typically drawn to their best friends or dark hair, they choose personality over looks. Overall great people, you should feel honored to meet one, don't take a Julia for granted.
Commonly mistaken for Julie
That girl was such a Julia, I really need to ask her out before she's taken again.

My best friend is Julia; I feel so lucky!

dayummmm Julia was great in bed, I had no idea
by HahaDirtyMind69 December 03, 2014
julia's are very whole-hearted. they care so mich for others even though it may not seem like it, and love is rarely shown back to them. julias love impressing other people and making people happy, getting the job done. julias have a hard time finding the right person for them because they are so damn picky but when they do have their mind set on someone, its hard for them to forget them. all julia's want in life is to love deeply, be loved back, and travel the world. julias love art and are amazingly talented, and know it but dont show it. lots of people need a julia in their lives in order to function, because they dont realize what they have until they're gone. while julias can act very humorous and have blonde moments at times, julia's are bery sensitive and hide their true emotional feelings. they conceal many things while also selectively exerting their feelings at the same time. julias may seem downy or moody but of you get to know one they are the best most loving and caring girls out there. She fake smiles or rarely smiles, but when she is truly smiling it's because you made her happy and she loves you. A julia will brighten your life like no other so dont let her go.
When Julia smiled at me I felt like a million bucks.
by Smile somewhat June 02, 2015
An absolutely beautiful person who doesn't realize it. A girl whose emotions reflect that of a lunar eclipse. They can be dark and mysterious, but if you look past that you can see the beauty in them. They think that they have no friends, but you are the person to tell them that everyone is their friend. Julia is just that worth it... the way she puts herself down makes you sad, and when she giggles with that cute high pitch giggle, you can't help but swoon. Her braces (if it applies) make her feel dorky, but you just wanna kiss her either way. She's a great kisser, and you want to tell her that you love her. You want to grab her, kiss her, then walk away. But you can't do that if she doesn't know your name. Getting back on track... ehm... Julia is, in a word, amazing.
Julia Roberts
Julia Stiles
Julia Grant
Julia McMaster
Julia Tyler
Raul Julia (A guy, but I guess this can apply)
by xxXanonymousXxx January 13, 2015
beautiful, rockin' booty. Damn sexy mama you will spray your pants on once you see this rocking booty. Hilarious, caring, and great in bed. Seems shy at first, but once you see her humor shine through, you'll fall in love. She's so straight she's gay, and loves BBC. Overactive imagination, the best sex partner you'll ever have. Kinky and agressive, her rough sex will blow your mind. You want one of these asap.
Matt: Hey man, you think I got a chance with Julia?
jake: I don't know, Julia's booty may be too rockin for you, but give it a shot!
by badbitch10101 January 08, 2014
The hottest girl in school!This girl truly rocks the runway a very skinny girl beautiful usually Mexican and has great friends she is curvy, tan, gorgeous, friendly, sassy at times, trust-worthy. you know you can trust her and that she always has your back. not a slut. and she knows what she wants then she gets it.
Girl 1: Ewe... That girl is so annoying and gross
Boy 1: No Way! she is a Julia!
Girl 1: Is she hotter then me baby?
Boy 1: Is that even a ? she is so hot! probably the hottest girl in school!
Girl 1: Baby1
Boy 2: He ain't lying! WOW!!! She is hot!

Boy 1: Lemme ask her out
Girl 2: Don't cry Mindy (girl 1)
by LaLaLa4315 February 18, 2011
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