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1 definition by CricketUpward

Julia is Outgoing intelligent and Hot. Not necessarily book smart. She's a romantic. Dreams of kisses under the moonlight and being swept of her feet. Doesn't fit in one category. Unique. Down to earth. Experimental. Breaks rules and has fun doing it. Family minded. Never involved in drama. Sometimes unforgiving. not typically athletic but if she is she kicks butt. Might play Volleyball, Soccer( she looks good in knee highs), Softball (she plays hard), Track (field events with sand and sticks. she plays dirty), rugby (unique sport unique girl) or the only girl on the football team. likes untypical colors like zebra print and glow in the dark green. like guys with good sense of style. These guys are usually gay so she is with the nice cute and funny guy. Usually a Noah, Jim, Nate, Chris, Tim, or Bill. short name equals funny guy. She's good friends with her opposite but down to earth friends. Maybe Crystal, Amanda, Gay Guy, or Mexican girl . she's not emotional. Her birthday is always in the months that share the first letter of her name. She is a summer baby which makes her hot. or she is born in November so you should be thankful for her. Or February so u should love her. God is always making sure that everything works out for Julia even if tough times arrive. Julia is blessed beyond measure and will succeed in life. Julia is awesome she's hot, and just plane cool, so if you know a Julia you should probably get to know her. you wont regret it!
That Julia is pretty cool.
That Julia is so unique i can't quite put her in a category
by CricketUpward October 30, 2011