1 definition by soccccer

An amazingly pretty girl who everyone loves and gets about 3 million hugs a day . A person that is so lovable and amazing that you cant help smiling when you see her and think about all the crazy things that you have done with her. She is the only anti depressant you need. Just one hug from this beautiful person makes your day no matter what you’ve been through. The only person that you will do anything to just be with for five minutes. She is the sun that comes out during a storm , the brightest star in a winter sky the person that can make anything funny , the person that you will do anything for no matter how stupid it is and not care. The person with around fifty best friends but love them so much they’ll never leave her side. The first person you think of when your in trouble.
if you could bring one thing to a stranded island , what would it be ? i would bring the prettiest , funniest most amazing person there is , JULIA!
by soccccer September 01, 2011

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