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A persom whom you are dating exclusively, but who has not yet been elevated to "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" status.

See also: "special lady friend"
Can your car fit an extra passenger? Rob's bringing his special friend.
by Sunfish February 16, 2005
and guy and girl that hang out, date, sleep together but are not in a "relationship"

Has all the benefits of a relationship without the serious committment
"Oh him, he's not my boyfriend he's just my special friend...."
by Leggs March 23, 2005
a term used for someone you wish to continue to sleep with, but not be bogged down by real relationship terms.
Her: I love you
Him: You are my special friend.
by Spamber September 29, 2005
people who are closer than ordinary friends but don't want to comit are special freinds. They do stuff with each other but don't ever say they are going out, doesn't usually last very long.
I really fancy you but you're my best freinds ex, lets be special friends *wink wink*
by xX Tinkabell Huni Xx December 18, 2004
A designation for a gay or lesbian partner, often found in the obituaries of newspapers in the deep South. "Partner" is too much like "spouse" and so newspapers in the south print obits often using this term.
Survivors include his mother, Wanda Jenkins, his sister, Dianne Masters, and his Special Friend James McElroot.
by Malazoth November 29, 2013
1. Friends with benefits
2. Friends whom consider each other to be special in a non-mentally deficient way; close friends
Let us become special friends forever!
by Unknown July 13, 2004
Someone you let go over to your house to watch x-files with. And you also invite you special best friend.
Krystin: can I come over to watch x-files?
Tyler: yes because your my special friend
Luke: I'm coming too because I'm Tyler's special best friend
by That guy jizzed himself October 26, 2014
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