a julia is usually a really intensely hott girl who is athletic and has many friends. she's outgoing and loves long loyal relationships, julia's are amazing kissers, if u have the chance, kiss one! she is usually one of the most popular girls out there and can change turfs easily. she is a kickass dancer and loves parties. she has as many guy friends as girlfriends and is a good listener and gives great advice. she is not stupid but not a brainiac, you don't want to mess with a julia, she will stand up for herself and you might end up with a sore arm or leg. julia's adore the beach and that or a big white fairytale wedding are what they dream of. they are nice and down to earth but when someone messes with them or one of their friends julia's know how to turn on the bitch factor. julia's aren't that artistic but if they are they are AMAZING. they are sporty chicks if not a girly girl. or they may be in between. a julia can also get down and dirty and they are not afraid to eat mcdonalds because they still have a smokin body and they know it. they don't have huge boobs but they are defiantly not small! they have great butts that will drive you crazy. all around, everyone wants to be a julia, be with a julia, or be bestfriends with a julia.
"oh shit look at that hottie, she's such a julia"

"she was born queen, she must be a julia"

"have u seen that julia she's perfect"
by julien 31123 August 16, 2009
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a name for girls. Most julia's are artistic, smart, romantic, beautiful and also very charming. Julia's can get whatever they want if they try. They can be very sexy so watch out! They are romantics and love old movies, art and books. they love old stuff! They usually aren't very athletic but if a julia is athletic she's kick butt! they have great fashion sense and usually look smokin'. A julia will most likely become a mother because they love kids. They are very successful in life and there is just something about them that draws people in. Also they are ah-mazing dancers!
- Julia roberts
- julia stiles
- julia meyerhoff
- julia schneiderman
- julia ormond
- julia de burgos

by Iwanna h. avefun May 16, 2007
Julias are people that love everybody and are loved by everyone. they are very artistic and express their feelings to people they love and can trust. they love to draw read and dance when no one is watching. they care a lot about fashion and clothes but are very unique and love to stand out and be different. they are very hot cut and sexy so you have to be careful with them. they are very sensitive when it comes to people but they are very strong and tough and do not care what people say or think. they are extremely good friends with everyone. they are brave courageous and bold and they will do anything. they are also attracted to boys named Joel. But more than anything they are extremely hot friendly and sexy they are the best people to know.
Julias are so hot and nice:
omg i met this girl that was the biggest julia ever!!!!!!
by julialover<3 March 26, 2008
A crazy awesome girl who is an loyal friend. She may be shy around those she doesn't know, but can be crazy around her friends. She may have what we sometimes call 'blonde moments' even if she isn't blonde. Julia gets a little shy around boys she likes, and sometimes isn't the best at flirting, but she knows that someday the perfect guy will come along. Julia also has a sort of deep side she only shares with her closest of friends. She is very forgiving and loves to do fun, crazy things. Julia may not be very athletic, but she loves music and enjoys exploring new places.
Julia is such an amazing friend.
by Peewee478 November 22, 2011
Julia is a Latin name that means Downy, Soft, and also Youthful. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Chris Rae, Our Lady Peace, and several other bands have written songs called Julia.
Julia Roberts
Julia Stiles
by Julia M April 16, 2008
Humility despite obvious giftedness.
That girl is so sweet, kind, unforgettable, sexy, compassionate, alluring, smart, and flawless. Only she never seems to notice that she is so great! She must be Julia, who else could stand to be so wonderful and not advertise?
by THE REAL JULIA November 28, 2005
Traditional meaning of this name is from the Latin as the feminine form of Julius. It was meant to depict a soft downy face.
Today's meaning is far reaching in its scope due to the depth of individuals possessing the name of Julia. Contemporary definitions include the following traits:
Humility despite obvious giftedness.
Grace under fire.
Sexual prowess, and allure.
Charismatic qualities often resulting in captivated audiences.
Leadership strengths so as never to consist of follower behaviors.
Eccentric yet elegant tastes in men, clothing, hair, cuisine, and jewelry.
Compassion and kindness that knows no bounds and remains intact and available to persons regardless of their merit or past actions against a Julia.
Lacking in vanity, jealousy, obscenity, or the unappealing physical traits so common of other persons that are unfortunate to not have been named Julia.
Intellectual superiority is often attributed to said persons named Julia, though they do not flaunt this grand trait, nor do they hold a lack of intellect against those not born with the fortune of parents that would designate them with such a prestigious name as that of Julia.
Complexion so pure and luminescent that age is evaded with no neccessary measures of chemical peels, plastic surgeries, nor make-up concealers.
Socially, a Julia, shows ease and grace often owning a poularity unparalleled by the nameless masses flocking to said Julia.
That girl is so sweet, kind, unforgettable, sexy, compassionate, alluring, smart, flawless and humbly never notices that she is so great! She must be a Julia, who else could stand to be so wonderful and not advertise.
by THE REAL JULIA June 21, 2006
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