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Someone who is always tryin' to blow you off.
Kenny: "Hey man, want to chill?"
Rodney:" Yeah! Sounds good."


Kenny: "Nevermind, got to move on to bigger and broader horizons.."
Rodney:"Man...you're such a juicer!"

Rodney just been juiced by Kenny the juicer.
by Dirty Girls August 24, 2009
someone who uses steroids to get muscular
by Nate June 06, 2003
Another term for perfectly proportioned large and voluptuous breasts.
"damn that girl has a great set of juicers" "yes the opposite of emma watson ;Even though she has ant bite breast id still smash"
by bigdumponsociety February 12, 2014
someone who tries to get more than they deserve out of any person or situation.
Man that dude is such a juicer, he valunteered to mow the lawn and now he wants a fifty dollar tip!
by I3 March 06, 2011
A party at a park
Teen A: Are you goin' to the juicer tonight?
Teen B: Yeah, I heard all the kids with swag are going!
by adooze June 02, 2012
A Motion Picture Lamp Operator, 3rd electric on a lighting crew.
The juicers got peeled running alot of cable for the night exterior.
by Dirk Longwell August 15, 2006
tight cut-off capri pants most commonly worn by hipsters. often accompanied by sleeveless t-shirts and, perplexingly, woolen hats and scarves.
hipster no. 1: "whoa, nice juicers, man! they really compliment your wool cap and self-righteous attitude!"
hipster no. 2: "thanks, brah... i just rolled up the legs of an old pair of girl jeans i found at the thrift store the other day."
by whateverex April 30, 2010
in the scene, someone with undeniable sex appeal- a real hottie-begottie
"katie's new cronkite is such a freakin juicer!! yummy!"
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003