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Someone who is always tryin' to blow you off.
Kenny: "Hey man, want to chill?"
Rodney:" Yeah! Sounds good."


Kenny: "Nevermind, got to move on to bigger and broader horizons.."
Rodney:"Man...you're such a juicer!"

Rodney just been juiced by Kenny the juicer.
by Dirty Girls August 24, 2009
4 15
someone who uses steroids to get muscular
by Nate June 06, 2003
238 46
Another term for perfectly proportioned large and voluptuous breasts.
"damn that girl has a great set of juicers" "yes the opposite of emma watson ;Even though she has ant bite breast id still smash"
by bigdumponsociety February 12, 2014
18 0
someone who tries to get more than they deserve out of any person or situation.
Man that dude is such a juicer, he valunteered to mow the lawn and now he wants a fifty dollar tip!
by I3 March 06, 2011
23 20
A party at a park
Teen A: Are you goin' to the juicer tonight?
Teen B: Yeah, I heard all the kids with swag are going!
by adooze June 02, 2012
6 6
A Motion Picture Lamp Operator, 3rd electric on a lighting crew.
The juicers got peeled running alot of cable for the night exterior.
by Dirk Longwell August 15, 2006
16 19
tight cut-off capri pants most commonly worn by hipsters. often accompanied by sleeveless t-shirts and, perplexingly, woolen hats and scarves.
hipster no. 1: "whoa, nice juicers, man! they really compliment your wool cap and self-righteous attitude!"
hipster no. 2: "thanks, brah... i just rolled up the legs of an old pair of girl jeans i found at the thrift store the other day."
by whateverex April 30, 2010
6 12
an alcoholic...especially one who prefers wine over other alcoholic substances.
frat boy: dude he just took that bottle of wine to the face
Scenester: yeah man, he's such a juicer
by college boy896 August 07, 2009
16 23