The Crossing of one's fingers and to insert them into the female's vagina and then twist repeatedly
Lemme juice that Bitch good!

What a tight pussy, maybe I should juice it

Wow that slut really loves the juicer
by Gangster Overachiever January 21, 2003
Someone who is always tryin' to blow you off.
Kenny: "Hey man, want to chill?"
Rodney:" Yeah! Sounds good."


Kenny: "Nevermind, got to move on to bigger and broader horizons.."
Rodney:"'re such a juicer!"

Rodney just been juiced by Kenny the juicer.
by Dirty Girls August 24, 2009
when a cock is to short to masterbate with the whole hand, so you have to spin around the dick in a jucing motion with just the fingers
The wrestling team was in the shower, and Timmy's penis was so short he was an obvious juicer.
by Brian the 2dub October 29, 2006
A somewhat large nose - especially at the tip.

A fat-tipped nose.
Lauren has some juicer of a nose.
by Johnny Cool Guy July 01, 2005
doing head
had this heavy juicer work on me last night, and wow did he juice me out.
by freeballer June 23, 2003

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