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A play off of the shocker, the juicer is when you have once inserted two in the pink and one in the stink, you use your thumb to stimulate the clit and make her wet. Hence, the juicer.
I gave that bitch the shocker and then gave her the juicer.
by badass757 May 09, 2006
When doing a woman from behind, you pull out and shoot your load all over the ass and lower back. you then take a cup, and place it under the vagina, and press the ass cheeks together, squeezing all of the juices into the cup.

As a gentleman, you are obliged to offer the first cup to the woman.
Matt said he pulled a juicer on his girlfriend last night. He's single today.

When James explained the juicer, everyone was completely disgusted.
by PopeNick6 June 03, 2007
take an electric mixer but only leave one of the beaters on. insert the beater into your partners rectum and turn on to your desired speed. Using a cup, collect whatever fluids come out of the persons rectum and drink.
I was thirsty last night so i did the juicer on jill.
by E_Rock eric November 06, 2007