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A girl with a face so horribly ugly that it just doesn't quite make up for her massive massive tits (jugs, if you will).
A) Dude, did you see that chick I railed last night? Her tits were amazing.
B) Yeah, but her face looked like someone tried putting out a forest fire with a screwdriver.
C) Sorry bro, that bitch was jugly.
A) I know...I just can't help it. *weep weep*
by TheBEEFARONI July 24, 2004
A pair of large, misshapen and disgustingly sloppy breasts, usually found on middle-aged strippers in Las Vegas.
"That Tiffy HoneyPants sure has some juglies on her, doesn't she?"
by PervyBatman January 22, 2012
When a bitch is ugly but is still equipped with a nice rack.
Dude, that girl from the party last night was so jugly.
by JapaneseTree69 August 22, 2011
When an individual of Hebrew descent (namely, those falling into the "JAP" category) is incredibly physically unattractive. We're talking gigantic nose, a full head of pubic-like hair, distended features, UGLY.
Person A: Yo, I hooked up with Rebekkah last night.

Person B: Man, you must have been blackout. Bitch is jugly.
by Fralie April 16, 2009
Giant Tits that move in a circular motion when fucking. Can be clockwise or counter clockwise it make no diffrence.
Man last night when I was given it to Shabby her fucking Juglys were rotating like a barber pole.
by CornHoleCreamPie January 18, 2006
Ugly boobs.
I hooked up with Amy last night. Man, she sure had some Juglies.
by ktbugg13 November 07, 2010
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