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4 definitions by CornHoleCreamPie

A Jewish person that won't shut the fuck up.
Larry Goodman came in and started to Jibity Jew at me. I finally had to tell him to shut the fuck up.
by CornHoleCreamPie January 18, 2006
Giant Tits that move in a circular motion when fucking. Can be clockwise or counter clockwise it make no diffrence.
Man last night when I was given it to Shabby her fucking Juglys were rotating like a barber pole.
by CornHoleCreamPie January 18, 2006
When your condom breaks mid fuck and a lone sperm escapes and inpregnates to bitch your with
Dude I was balls deep in that skank last night when my shit broke. I think I may have had a Broken Arrow.
by CornHoleCreamPie January 18, 2006
While fucking a very large women from behind doggie stlye or standing up you try to pull her around the room. A Full pull is when you are able to blow your load before she falls backwards on top of you
I was yanking that fat pig around the room all night. I swear I could have sold tickets to that Tractor Pull.
by CornHoleCreamPie January 18, 2006