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A beautiful, smart girl that is envied by alot of slutty people. She always has people who she can depend on. She loves to hang around her family and friends. Joselin always has a positive attitude toward anything...except towards the backstabbers. If there is something Joselin hates, its..people talking behind her back..and 2 faced bitches!!!!! She is not a afraid for a challenge and is very brave!
Wow, Joselin sure is someone I'd like to date!
by Jb~soccerlover February 11, 2010
A fat skank, who likes one eyed eye giants, and loves beef bazookas!
Person 1: hey joselin, what are you doing?

Person 2: just thinking?

Person 1: oh yeah about what?

Person 2: Just beef bazookas.....mmmmm!!
by milf chaser! April 13, 2011
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