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The Jordan is a horrible STD caused when you sleep with a girl named Jordan, but not any Jordan, no this Jordan is the worst of them all. Known for cheating on you with your friends, and being an all around whore.

The Jordan manifests itself in men who have come into contact with the main carrier, Jordan herself. You know you have 'The Jordan' when you experience very severe twitching and swelling in the groin area.

Ladies aren't safe either, even being in the presence of Jordan will give you the disease instantly.

This STD is worse than AIDS.
Oh dude, you totally have the Jordan.
by Doom 'n' Shroom July 07, 2010
The name for the facial hair style adopted by retired American professional basketball player Michael Jordan that is reminiscent of the mustache worn by legendary silent film actor Charlie Chaplin.
I decided to be daring and go with the Jordan after No Shave November ended.
by RascalTadpole July 23, 2012
The process of getting head while hanging on to a basketball rim. If one lets go of the rim before they finish then that is a failure to complete the Jordan.
"Wow, I can't believe she gave Jordan Allen the Jordan!"
"They Jordan Allen'd for a good 40 minutes last night."
by Joseph Smith, Mormon Savior December 02, 2009

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