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The lovely bosoms of a lovely Jewish lady.
"i'm dating miriam schwartz! it's a double win - my parents will approve and she has nice joobies!"
by Anne Copperdink December 02, 2008
Another version of the Scottish word for excrement/poo/stool I.e. Jobby.
I happened to visit the loo this morning and did a big poo. OR, (Scottish) I went tae the lavvy th'day an squeezed oot a belter ae a jooby
by Chazzyboy February 11, 2012
Said randomly when a conversation lulls or to cause a Jooby yelling contest.

Prounounced expantion:
if "mmm" is included at the beginning, it starts at a high pitch then becomes low.
at "Joo" the pitch is very low.
at "by" The pitch becomes very high.
Jooby yelling contest:
A:"MMMJOO- *harms vocal chords*
B wins
by Looscannon September 01, 2004
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