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A name used to describe a particularly popular, intelligent and admirable person. Often used as a term of endearment.
"Jonty, that is just this side of decadence."

"Why thank you Jonty."

"You have excelled yourself Jonty."
by Carl Dadd December 23, 2004
150 59
king off all living, and is perfect in any way possible, and is hereby better than any other persons inhabiting the earth.
Wow look its Jonty, lets bow to him
by jonathan May 14, 2003
108 67
Pronunciation: Ja-wahn-tea

A Northern way to ask someone if they would like a cup of tea.
A'm put'n kettle on, jonty?
by heychrismillar March 20, 2009
57 44
New Zealand slang for penis.
look at that little Jonty
by Jarrod Marinkovic June 08, 2013
14 6
A jonty is a posh, early 20s dubstep fan that talks in rudeboy slang. Can be spotted usually wearing an Obey snapback with a Supreme t-shirt or some assorted primark Aztec. Has a bossy ketamine-addled posh girlfriend called Pippa (see tags).
Outlook festival is back to back Jontys.

I'd avoid FWD tonight mate it's Jonty central.

Put down that Obey snapback you Jonty.
by Daddy Alfie September 05, 2012
16 21
an amazingly sexy man with a massive cock amazing in the bed and can give you an orgasm with only his tong
1# - lets go find a jonty
2# - why?
1# - cause I'm really horny from sucking on your cunt and i need a dick in my pussy
by annalise132435 November 09, 2008
53 63
A person who is often mistaken for a asshole when he has done nothing wrong.
Guy: Oh man, i feel so bad about dave
Guy 2: Why?
Guy: I was always a cunt to him, he came across as a jonty that's all
by JamesHanna September 28, 2011
9 24