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To jonnne is to motorboat someones tits but at the same time as they are getting eaten out, it is also to have lesbian intercourse
Carol was so hawwwtt that i decided to jonne her.
by Pricilia April 03, 2008
Used to describe a Finnish male kid, (Brit. Eng. "Chav" but male), usually drinks energy drinks by EuroShopper, abbreviated ES. Plays coin machines, wears a cap, is a white male between ages 12-15, over uses curse words and tries to act 'cool'
Jonne: "Hey two packs of smokes and one energy drink"
Cashier: "Sorry, we do not accept library cards as I.D."
by ylilauta November 23, 2011
a junkie whose only addiction is music; a posessed soul of street beats and ryhmes from all parts of the world.
When the Jon'ne comes around u betta be ready to give respect.
by Melecia December 12, 2006