An untalented, overrated band consisting of Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas who all claim to have 'purity rings' and be virgins, yet they still sell sex to little girls. They are under one of the tightest contracts that Disney has to offer, so they will continue to sell sex to little girls as long as they live.
by Velvette August 19, 2009
the greatest band EVER.

1. NO im not 12, im 17.
2. YES i listen to real music, its called the JONAS BROTHERS.
3. YOU must know that they are disney channel alot fro watching it ALL THE TIME.
4. WHY dont you HATERS go get a LIFE already.
6. so DONT mess with us.

JB completes our lifes. :]
by Courtneyyy January 05, 2008
A band consisting of three of the most amazing boys on the planet.
Paul Kevin II, 20, Joseph Adam, 18, & Nicholas Jerry, 15.
Super-talented songwriters and musicians. Outstanding role models.
Commonly misconstrued as a "Disney band" only liked by so-called "teeny boppers," mainly by immature boys who refuse to give them a chance. If these people actually paid attention, they'd know that many Jonas Brothers fans are actually between the ages of 17-23 years old. I am actually 20 and I am a big fan. Also, these brothers did not begin on Disney, it just brought their music to a much wider audience.
They write feel-good, catchy songs and honestly, they and their music are a breath of fresh air. They are very family-oriented and have strong views and honorable morals that are admired by many of their fans. They are very easy-going and down-to-earth, and they don't take themselves too seriously--they're big jokesters.

A common misconception is that all the fans of the Jonas Brothers are only fans because they are good-looking. This is not the case. Many fans, especially the original ones, love these boys because of their music and because of the fact that they are a bunch of sweethearts. Just plain wonderful guys.

Besides being known for making great music and being great people, they are also incredibly funny, especially Joe. Their sense of humor is apparent in many of their interviews as well as in the videos they post on their YouTube channel, and most recently, in their video for their single "Burnin' Up."

The boys are releasing their highly-anticipated third studio album, "A Little Bit Longer" on August 12, 2008.
Their fanbase grows more and more each day, and with good reason. They are hard-working, talented gentlemen and deserve all the success they have achieved thus far.
The Jonas Brothers are taking the world by storm, and all you people better get ready.
by Mari D. July 10, 2008
One of four brothers who are the most musically talented heart throbs in the world. Young guy who performs amazingly and who "live like they are at the bottom even if they are at the top."
I wish I was a Jonas Brother, they're living the dream!
by Alyssa Jonas July 14, 2008
only the hottest most sexiest friggin band alive.
not only are they talented but they are nice people and mad smexy.
totaly awesome.
from wyckoff new jersey.
and just basically amazing.
the jonas brothers rock major fucking socks.
by sarah covello June 19, 2008
the Jonas Brothers consist of Nick Jerry Jonas, Joe Adum Jonas, and we cant ever forget Kevin Paul Jonas II (real name Paul Kevin Jonas II) they also have a little brother frankie who is 8 i belive he is not in the bad yet but oh well. kevin is the oldest he is 20 following Joe who is now 18 and thane Nick<3 who is 15.Jonas Brothers are just simply the most ahhhmazing band in the world they write about lyrics that mean somthign to a teenager and somthing teenagers can relate to. and pesides they are soooo HOT/cute. but besides that they are just your avrage christian family who just hapeopend to become famous. AHMAZING IN COCNERT IF I MIGHT ADD. =] oh and they are also filming there movie CAMP ROCK wich will be out this sumer and they are also filming there new show J.O.N.A.S wich will also be aring this summer only on DISNEY CHANNEL =]
jonas brothers, kevin jonas, joe jonas, nick jonas, i love the jonas brothers
An amazing band with alot of talent. There are three boys in the group, Joseph Adam Jonas(Joe), 18, Paul Kevin Jonas II(Kevin),20 and Nicholas Jerry Jonas(Nick), 15. There nicknames are Danger(Joe), K2(Kevin) and Mr. President(Nick). They have 2 albums out, About Time and Jonas Brothers. A third one is to come out on August 12th named A Little Bit Longer. The boys are currently signed to Hollywood Records. The boys have shown they are great role models and amazing people. They have purity rings and have a strong belief system. I am in love with these boys<3
Kevin: Hey Im Kevin
Joe: Im Joe
Nick: and Im Nick and were the Jonas Brothers!
by Jonaslove! July 10, 2008
A trio of brothers who had once struggled in advancing in the music business, but finally for the past few years have been acknowledged for their work and been gaining their much deserved recognition. The Jonas Brothers are... Nick, 15, the youngest who recently found out he has Type 1 Diabetes; the lead singer, Joe, 18; and the oldest lead guitarist, Kevin at 20. They have great pop/rock melodies while incorporating most of their own lyrics into song, and are an inspiration to every generation, especially with their undying focus to be a positive medium for the youth of today.

Another reason why to love them:
They're known for being Christians and each of them wear a "Purity ring" to remain celibate until marriage.

I first became a true undying fan this winter of 2007 through a friend when I found out this tid-bit of info on their beliefs. I automatically fell in love with them and with their music--

And because of their major popularity and influence on the public, Disney decided to sign with the Jonas Brothers to help share their same vision on being good role models for the younger generation.
...And get this: I know real music, I sing real music, I'm a real woman who doesn't appreciate listening 24/7 to all that "crank dat hoe", degrading women music and- I'm almost 22! The Jonas Brothers are here to stay!
by *~Jeanie~* January 15, 2008
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