Brother of Nick, Kevin, and Frankie Jonas. Member of the Jonas Brothers. Destined to go solo one day. He makes the tambourine so sexy. Reigns from my home state of new jersey, which obviously makes him even more awesome. He makes tight pants look good. He's notorious for acting insane, talking without thinking, randomly taping himself along with his brothers and posting in on youtube. He used to rock the "joehawk" (Mohawk). He's known for his raps about "jacketz" and "girls" and reallly bad ass jokes. His voice and his bod makes any girl melt. He's pretty much amazing.
I was at a Jonas Brothers concert and I saw Joe Jonas playing his tambourine and singing, and when he ripped his shirt open I stopped breathing because he just makes you go "OH BABY!".
by BonusJonas January 02, 2008
a member of the best band ever- Jonas Brothers

very manly, beautiful, funny, plays the tambourine
brother of Kevin, Frankie and Nick Jonas

a.k.a. Joseph
a.k.a. Joe Dirt
a.k.a. Superman
Joe Jonas is awesome.
by OhxxSnap August 19, 2007
also known as Joseph Adam Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.
He is the second of four children (Kevin, Nick, and Frankie), and is extremely telented.

He's part of the very successful band The Jonas Brothers,
which beside common belief, is not a band signed to Disney.
They are just affiliates.

Nicknames:Joe, DJ Dangaa, Joe Dirt, Superman
Joe Jonas is the epitome of sexy.
by a person you dont know January 02, 2008
The most amazing, funny, talented man to ever walk the earth.

Most teenage girls want to rape him in his sleep, but I don't roll like that.

Has a nice booty and can do the splits better than most gymnasts.
Did you see Pricilla Presley's death split on Dancing With The Stars? She TOTALLY pulled a Joe Jonas.
by hotDANG! ItstheJB. May 02, 2008
The worst singer ever in the worst band ever. He sounds like a little girl when he sings.
If Joe Jonas said breathing wasn't cool, 80% of the teenage population would be dead, and the world's overall IQ level would hit an all time high.
by Jonas Hater January 04, 2009
A man who has enough hair on his one eyebrow to knit a soft quilt
"Wow his singing and sense of style are way off the mark. Must be Joe Jonas"
by jackbenimple October 16, 2009
gay fag who needs attention inorder to live his life, also in the worst band ever
Girl: omg i hate joe jonas that gay wannabe

Boy: yeah he's a real fag
by Jojo!12435 April 13, 2009

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