A dated 1950's slang term for a cool guy. This slang term is pretty extinct these days, and it's pretty unknown how this term came to be.
He's a real cool Jonah! - from 1952 industrial short "A Young Man's Fancy"
by Jonah Falcon September 17, 2005
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One of the neatest people you will ever meet. They are intelligent and extremely kind but can be real assholes when they get angry. Most may seem shy but they have large dicks and can be sure to satisfy anyone.
That new kid is definitely a Jonah.
by rizhose90 March 16, 2009
Jonah is the most amazing guy you could ever talk to or meet. He will make you laugh for hours on end. He's wonderful but doesn't believe it when you tell him so. He has awesome eyes and hair. He is very good looking but it probably a little too modest about it. He's so smart and loves to share random facts with others. He's a major bookworm. He is very sweet and nice but notice how sweet he actually is. The thought of never talking to him again crushes your heart.
Jenny: I'm so in love with him!
Sarah: what's he like?
Jenny: he's a Jonah!
Sarah: wow never let him go!
by Awkwardness:P August 09, 2011
a cool ass mutha fucka.
likes to have a good time all day, every day.
a person who pretty rad, but can be a dumbass at times.
dude, that kids a jonah.
by worrrrrrrrrdddd. November 23, 2009
a sexy guy who loves to have sex and has a giant penis and is amazing having sex all the girls want to fuck his brains out and he loves it
Yo man I fuck 5 girls last night I'm such a Jonah
by robber1q2 January 15, 2010
A great, amazing guy who always seems to make your day no matter what. No matter how far away he may be, the connection is still there. He is easy to love and to forgive, good looking and sweet. Can be a little slutty at times. Every girl loves a Jonah.He is perfect.
I love him, he MUST be a Jonah!

Jonah joined a gang, I still love him.
by Bannana1234567 November 10, 2013
Seafaring slang. Refers to somebody who's the cause of bad luck; a jinx. The bearer of bad juju.
He's a Jonah; toss him overboard or we'll all die.
by yyz113 April 15, 2008

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