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A Swaggie is an is an old Australian and New Zealand term describing an underclass of transient temporary workers, who travelled by foot from farm to farm carrying the traditional swag (bedroll). Also characteristic of swagman attire was a hat strung with corks to ward off flies.
A swaggie camped by a billabong.
by The Haxor February 10, 2013
A swaggerific student of UC Davis. A combination of the words 'swag' and 'aggie', the UC Davis mascot. Possibly originating from the class of 2015.
Normal UCD student: GO AGGIES!
Swaggie: NO! GO SWAGGIES! ;D
by Swag`Vincent May 19, 2011
Something that Justin Bieber says in his song "Boyfriend" when trying to mix Justin Timberlake with every other current hip hop pop trend.

A combination of "swag" and "gee, swag is getting played out. how am i going to make it new and cute again?"
"Swaggie the dog is my homie."
by OkayDoood May 20, 2012
A littler form of swag despite it being a larger word. Baby swag.
Big brother: Got my swag on, ready to go to dinner with the family.
Little brother: I cant wait to outgrow being swaggie and be like you big brother!

Big brother: Ha ha GOOD one lil bro *pats little bros snapback covered head* we'll see. A few more ebay shopping sprees and we'll see....we'll see
by Spoopy April 26, 2013
Swaggie: (n. sing.) A student who attends UC Davis, the most swagtastic university on the planet.

Derived from the Middle English verb of Scandinavian descent "swag" and "Aggie" a shortened form of Agriculture.
UCD student (to other UCD student): Hey, Swaggie!
Non-UCD student: What did you call him?
Other UCD Student: Nevermind, you don't have enough swag to get it.
by ucdavisclassof2015 May 19, 2011

a word commonly used on tumblr referring to someone with so much swag thus, they can no longer be said to have swag but to be called, 'swaggie'. Swaggie(s) are people with unbelievable sense of humour and intelligence. they also know what kool-aid is.
Person 1: whoa (he/she), has some serious swag

Person 2: oh yah man, serious swag

Person 3: stupid idiots, thats what you call a swaggie

Person 1&2: *Mind Blown* so rad duude!
by TTC April 29, 2012
a person who dresses with'swag' to be 'cool'
words 'Swag' and 'wannabie' put together
Girl 1: a swaggie tried to hit on me at the mall I rejected him and he hit on my friend.
Girl 2: He just wants alot of girls to be 'popular' in his crowd
by 805Cali July 07, 2012
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