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When a person (or persons) tell a slough of jokes incorrectly, thus ruining and murdering them for everyone. This person out of a feeling of inadequacy, shame, or stupidity will try to redeem themselves by reciting other jokes. No matter how dry, tasteless or poor they may be.
Andrew: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the egg! No.. That's not how it went?

Tom: Oh, wow.

Andrew: Wait wait, I have more. Knock knock...

Jene: Who's there?

Andrew: Banana!

Jene: Banana who?

Andrew: Banana... What was it? Oh never mind, you'll love this one!

Tom: Oh my god has he been at this all night?

Jene: Yup, total joke-a-caust.
by Shanemaximo March 17, 2010
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