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A french name originally derived from the Ancient Greek. The feminine form of John. People with this name are amazingly calm and sensitive to other people's needs. Being friends with them is a great investment of time. Once friends with a Jene, You will always be friends!
Friend: "Jene, You're my best friend in the whole world. Man you're so amazing!"
Jene: "Thanks friend. You're pretty amazing yourself!"
by jsluver9123 January 13, 2009
I (negative sentiment) something. Derived from French sentence structure, this segment is used to describe disapproval, dislike, or not knowing something.
person 1: Did you watch Jersey Shore yesterday?
person 2: Ew, je ne Jersey Shore. You think I watch that shit?

person 1: What time is it?
person 2: *shrugs* je ne.
by Thenubsson January 05, 2012
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