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A derivative of the term "cashed,"(as in Johnny Cash), meaning the contents of the bowl of a marijuana pipe or bong have been depleted and requires replenishing in order to further indulge.

"Man I am so fucking baked, lets smoke another bowl. Aw shit dude, the bowl is Johnnied, empty that shit and pack another."

"Pass that shit bro. Aw you little nigga, how dare you pass me a Johnnied bowl. Y'all gonna feel the wrath of mah nine now!"
by Jan N. September 04, 2005
Being passed up for a promotion/job that was promised to you; a decision typically made by Administration, wherein an employee works diligently for a position/promotion and Administration decides to hire someone else.
Bob: Hey, did you hear Mark didn't get the job after all?!

Frank: What?!! He was next in line!

Bob: I know man... they Johnnied him...

(usually followed by a moment of silence or an expletive, expressing an outrage for the injustice brought down by The Man)
by tesss November 10, 2012

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