n. Lit : Long serving Australian prime minister, with long suffering Australian public. Also,

1) Any disposable rag used for a particularly filthy purpose.

2) Any stooge, fool or corruptible nincompoop in a position of authority who talks a lot but doesn't listen.

3) (Vulgar) A limp penis during a time of great opportunity. See also bitter disappointment :(

4) A bore, a boring person, esp, a boring person who has leeched on to your social group. Also, a single minded social disaster area, whom you don't have the heart to club to death.

5) John Howarding: Any act of stomach churning cowardice involving excessive asskissing, portrayed as great achievement.

1) Pass me a John Howard would ya darlin, I need to wipe the dogshit off the bottom of me workboots.

2)Did you see the way Bruce went all John Howard on us in today's meeting? Talking to him was like talking to a mule's arse and listening to him was about the same.

3) Sorry darlin I was into it... but... I started thinking about the bills and the kids and then before I knew it... it went all John Howard.

4) Davo was a bit of a John Howard at times, always going on about the same old shit on a different bloody day.

5)Gavin was John Howarding his way to the top of his profession until, one night when reading his own speeches, he suddenly died of terminal boredom.
by Costa Del Barto June 25, 2006
Top Definition
Australia's Prime Minister. AKA: Mr Sheen the cleaning man. (most aussie's would understand this)
id vote for john howard if he went on national television and admitted he was secretly Mr Sheen
by Elle644 July 31, 2005
(adj.) Describing someone who aligns with the school bully for protection so as not to get bullied themself. A kiss arse to someone in a higher position. Someone lacking back-bone. Rymes with coward.

(person) Australian Prime Minister labeled as American President Bush's 'Deputy'.
Dave is such a John Howard he bought the boss' wife a present.
by Em Dee September 26, 2005
Conservative Prime Minister of Australia, has a penchant for falling over, "power" walking and war. Tends to be loose with the truth, but no one cares anymore. Has eyebrows regularly trimmed, occasionally spits when talking passionately.
John Howard just repealed the "Unfair Dismissal Act" all lose your jobs!
by Fedor July 20, 2005
Very bad leader of Australia, that likes lying and cheating the poor.
Lies to win elections.
Kisses G.W.Bush's Ass.
Need i say more?
Rove doing his John Howard jokes again. (in a john howard voice)
by Blah` September 10, 2005
The worst thing ever to happen to Australia. The Prime Minister from 1995 onwards.
John Howard is the biggest loser in the world today.
by Dead Deer November 08, 2005
Weak and powerless leader of Australia. Often noted for his unusually large eyebrows and marsupial-like speech pattern, he's most commonly seen sniffing Bush's ass and/or kissing it.

Compulsive liar, cheater, fake, weak, ugly, chode and stump. All these are synonyms of John Howard.
John Howard: "I believe, on behalf the Australian people, that I need to make decisions for progess..."

Dude 1: "We just lost our jobs."

Dude 2: "Ghey."
by Danforth March 21, 2006
1. The Australian Prime Minister from 1996 onwards.
2. A cockney rhyming slang for coward.
1. John Howard boards the plane again for another G.W Bush asskiss.
2. My goshness, you are a JOHN HOWARD.
by Yummymummy October 04, 2006
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