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In 1492 John Elway descended from Valhalla and discovered Colorado. He immediately started bottling his piss( also known a Coors original) and shitting out ford dealerships. John was a humble deity so he let other teams win until his final two years in the NFL. he did this by taking 500 vallume and drinking 300 beers before every game, any less and the Denver broncos would win games by 6000 points. Then in 1998,99 he cut the dose in half, this is why he single handily destroyed the packers and falcons. John Elway now resides on top of Pikes Peak controlling the outcome of all sporting events….. the browns will never win a super bowl.
i almost found god but i found John Elway insted
by wrastlor December 29, 2010
2 minute drill, audible at the line of scrimmage (fooling the defense). Dont get caught offsides ;)
When your having sex "switch hit" and put it in her ass. She either rolls with it, or you have a problem on your hands. Execute it with the precision of the great John Elway.
by J ROG809 October 03, 2010
Eric Cartmans father.
cartman: john elway is my father, john elway is my father.
by ribman October 15, 2006
The greatest football quarter-back of all time. Lead the Broncos to 2 back to back Super Bowl wins.
John Elway is the greatest
by Bob February 16, 2004
A better QB than Marino(Elway actually used his team), known for blowing the colts away by not joining them, then got humiliated in 3 SBs til' he won 2
He let Terrell Davis(2,008 yards) get some carries and that equaled rings, Dan let no one really get carries and that equaled records and no rings.
by Your mom March 27, 2005
The son of god sent to denver to lead us to the promised land
The Rocky Mountain Messiah
by The Guz February 13, 2004
Football Jesus
John Elway is the messiah of quarterbacks
by foxy February 20, 2004
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