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5 definitions by meansparty

The John Elway is a type of grenade throw in Call of Duty 4 (or any first-person shooter) where the thrower blindly heaves a high-arcing grenade that results in a kill.
Did you see me John Elway that guy?

Dammit! I just respawned and got John Elway'd!
by meansparty May 16, 2010
88 25
A list of people you'd like to see on a bus driving off a cliff. The person you despise the most is the driver of this theoretical bus.
My bus list is so big I'd need a Greyhound to fit them all.

After all these years, Karl Malone is still the driver on my bus list.
by meansparty June 14, 2010
10 1
The act of doing a dull, repetitious job of seemingly little importance; often by being the human component in a technological or mechanical process.
All I did at work today was push the button.

I'm doing the same thing I do every night, honey: pushing the button.

If I don't push the button every 108 minutes the world will end, or whatever.
by meansparty August 27, 2010
11 4
Radio slang acknowledgment similar to copy that, but more specifically focused around acknowledging love over the airwaves. One should ALWAYS copy love.
Copy love.
by meansparty August 27, 2010
9 4
A professional driver with horrible luck regarding his vehicle. The individual is routinely subject to flat tires, broken axles, engine fires, etc through no fault of his own. Himself and any passengers always walk away from the catastrophe unscathed, however.
Damn, Launchpad's a maniac!
by meansparty August 27, 2010
2 1