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18 definitions by foxy

the most sensitive area inside a woman's vagina, prone to touch and air...
when I fingered her g spot, she moaned like a wildebeest
by Foxy March 01, 2005
3265 2046
slang for pussy... seeing as how they are a woman's lower lips
She's got some big lower lips
by Foxy March 01, 2005
428 114
Football Jesus
John Elway is the messiah of quarterbacks
by foxy February 20, 2004
394 152
a totally rad muthafucker who can do magic tricks and makes all the girls happy
yo dude, youre a doctor of love, we should call you oli
by foxy July 28, 2003
117 49
To elbow someone, like in a club or someplace crowded.
This was originally from Ludacris' song Southern Hospitality.
That guy was blocking me so I threw them 'bows.
by FoxY February 09, 2004
70 20
A yearning for something.
I'm feinin' for your love.
by FoxY February 01, 2004
41 18
THe exhausation of the use of ones thumb often leading to aggravation of the skin e.g blisters and often a great deal of pain. Hinders performance when competing and is a valid excuse for under performance. (see tennis elbow)
"I only lost that game cos of my playstation thumb you cunt!"
by Foxy March 02, 2004
28 7