Probably one of the best wrestlers of all time. Most male fans of the WWE tend to hate him because of his success and his gimicks. John Cena started out as a rapper and has beaten the rock. He is an enduring, respectful, caring, and great wrestler as he is the current WWE champion defeating Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Miz, Randy Orton, Cm Punk, Sheamus, Big Show, and The Rock.
Do you like John Cena?- person 1
HELL NO! That fag needs to quit!- person 2
That's OK you just cant accept the fact that he's a good wrestler.
by Onewayonly May 08, 2013
The awesomest WWE superstar who can 5-Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment (or AA) anyone and can ruin lives for you if you mess w/ him. By the way, Miz, You're......STUPID & U SUCK! Randy Orton'll RKO u and you'll be hurtin' then he'll punt u! and Dolph Ziggler, UR NOT ALL THAT! And Vickie is so ugly! What do u see in her?!? If it wasn't for CM Sucks & the Nexus, U would be dropped on ur ass and AA'd!
I saw John Cena whoop Dolph Ziggler so bad.
by Ucan'tCme123456789 January 01, 2011
A Professional Wrestler for the WWE. He is a three time WWE Champion, and a three time WWE United States Champion. Used to be booed out of the building during his run as WWE Champion, but is now being cheered again. Hated by people who dislike him for his "hip-hop/rap" gimmick, and his incredibly horrible in ring ability. These people however are most likely hypocrites whom probably used to cheer Hulk Hogan who had the same horrible in ring ability. As fans grow older they learn to appreciate the ring work more. "John Cena Fans aka 'Cetards'" was a phrase coined by the infamous and minority Pro Wrestling fan base the "IWC". The same fans that like John Cena are the same type of fans that liked Hulk Hogan. John Cena is loved for his "CHARISMA"
John Cena, is both hated and loved by many. He is a horrible in ring worker, but delivers entertainment for everyone.

John Cena is NOT another "Steve Austin, nor Rock" as some might claim. John Cena is what seems to be another "Hulk Hogan" in the works; (as it pertains to his WIN/LOSS RECORD,his LENGTHY WWE Championship reigns, overall in ring SQUASH and DOMINANTING style, and his fanbase consisting of mostly CHILDREN and YOUNG WOMEN)hopefully he does not obtain the same immense ego.
by TwentyFour October 20, 2006
A wrestler-rapper. Currently WWE Champion. Was drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft Lottery 2005. Very famous especially among the female fans. Has his 2 championship belts spinning. A hulkamaniac...
John Cena is the next Hulk Hogan!
by demontears03 August 05, 2005
the hottest,sexiest man in WWE history! the best wrestler ever! if you mess with him no big deal he don't care there's haters and lovers.pick one.on google images look up john cena in a thong (if ur a girl)and it will be the most sexiest hottest thing you will ever see! i wish he was my bro.he is an amazing person you will ever meet!
wow i goota see john cena
by johncena lover March 13, 2010
An emcee who has one album out, and is a WWE Smackdown! wrestler.
"It's John Cena baby, and we heatin up the Beanpot.
Big up Boston, you know the whole team hot!"
"Yo, you check out that cat, John Cena, last thursday?"
by K-Wulf May 26, 2005
Grew up loving hip-hop and wrestling, being both a mainstream emcee(rapper) and wrestling superstar.
"The untouchable cat who's style is right. I can be mistaken for the smooth and silent type."
by Chad K May 28, 2005
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