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the worst announcer ever in wwe
he always makes mistakes
he's like a permanent running joke
not very smart
should be unemployed
somehow ecw announcer
shouldn't have fame
lives in parents basement
mom packs his lunch

enjoys having: the john cena, the five knuckle shuffle, and dirty sanchez
mike adamle: he just spanked him like a schoolboy
alex: dude, no
by Shit-face June 29, 2008
when youre getting a blow job, you blow your load in the bitches eyes and yell "you can't see me!"
josh cube: yo bro, i gave that bitch a wicked the john cena
chavo guerrero: yea, but she was total emobese.. and four
by Shit-face June 29, 2008
yo serious, does anyone realize one of john cena's moves really means he's getting off on some guys head
the five knuckle shuffle is gay.. like john cena
by Shit-face June 29, 2008
a fat emo kid
even funnier than a normal emo, cuz theyre fat
see that fat kid with the make up? he's total emobese
by Shit-face June 29, 2008
when you can't find a milk jug, pour it in the blender
y2jerk: yo.. where's the milk jug?
kofi: dunno.. use the backup milk jug mahn
y2jerk: you mean the blender?
kofi: is that an indian cumshot on your forehead?
by Shit-face June 29, 2008
a women or shemale (or man, if you're chavo guerrero) with excessive pubic hair, resembling mark henry's face
adam has a total pubifro.. his cock beard is epic
by Shit-face June 29, 2008
lame wwe character.. likes the homo dirty sanchez
Chavo Guerrero: hey, i like the dirty sanchez
Other guy: dude, no
by Shit-face June 29, 2008

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