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Right as you cum while getting a blowjob, pull out of her mouth and blow your load right into her eyes.

Proceed to wave your hand in front of your face and go "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!"
My girl was giving me an awesome blowjob when I decided to give her the ol' John Cena.
by J LAWL August 29, 2007
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A WWE superstar and rapper who has been WWE has been both the United States and WWE Champion. He has worked with the WWE for four years when he made his debut in 2002. In 2003, John Cena had a heel character where he used to where a chain to beat people with, freestyles at people, and had alot of fans behind him then they do now. People missed that John Cena, but now people have turned his back on him and now has become ridiculously hated by a lot of them. Cena is being booked by the WWE as superman seeing as how he wins alot of matches and hardly gets a beatdown after it is all said and done. When he gets ready to end a match he uses what people like to call, "The Five Moves of Doom" on his opponents to get the job done. Punches/Clotheslines, Shoulder block, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Spinning Sidewalk Slam, FU, and most of the time the STFU. He is pretty popular with the kids and female fans, but there are also men out there who also get up on their feet to cheer for him when his music hits or when he's in the ring. He is also considered to be future of the company and everyweek he hosts a show on called "Five Questions With The Champ" or just plain old "Five Questions" when he doesn't have the belt.
John Cena has to much pressure on him from fans, but he doesn't give a damn.

John Cena stands for Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect.
by Dynamite Slam July 10, 2006
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John Cena is the hottest wrestler in the WWE at the moment. The WWE's plan to put him over as the next 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin or The Rock backfired as he was pushed down the fans throats and not let to do his own thing.

The fans started to turn ther back on him in the Autumn and ever since he has been hit with major 'booing' from the crowd when he should be getting cheered.

He appeals to the women and the kids and also the 'blind' wrestling fans. The men and boys like myself seem to hate him with a passion because he is more gim.mick than real person.

We all know he is doing his job, but wrestling fans like who they want to like and hate who they want to hate.
John Cena lost the WWE title to a hugh heel and the fans cheered the heel.
by Craig Lewis January 10, 2006
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A moronic wrestler. Every girl thinks he's hot. With his fake moves and wiggerish ways. He's just a scum who can't wrestle for shit.
Doesn't that wigger over there remind you of John Cena with his fakeness?
by Hi-Ya Zip February 09, 2009
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A over rated, underachieving white rapper. His charisma is very entertaining, but I've seen more wrestling talent in a retirement home, although to be fair, he has improved in a few of his matches. Known for turning the titles he holds into hidious spinning sideshows, the likes of which were only formally found in cereal packets. Has the ability to produce a total of 6-7 moves in a typical match and his finisher is pathetic. John Cena lost the title to Edge at New Years Revolution, and will probably win it back at the Royal Rumble....because Vince McMahon can't take the hint that when 3/4's of the audience are booing Cena's arse outta the arena, they aren't doing it to be nice.
John Cena: 'THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!'
Audience: Oh where's your title dumbass?'

Cena: 'Those who hate me...well, they can just kiss my ass'
*90% of the arena get on their knees and pucker up*
by JimmyJimm January 17, 2006
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One of the worst wrestlers in history,although he sucks he is the WWE champion because random retards love him.
He's got a retarded gimmick (a white rapper -_-?),his mic skills are pretty decent but his in ring work is horrible, he can only do 5 or 6 moves which are:Hit,kick,Backdrop,DDT,5 knuckle shuffle(its so weak that even a baby wont feel it),and his devestating finisher FU which is really not so devastating,heck it probably doesnt even hurt.
There's kurt angle and outstanding wrestler who works very hard, but oh wait there's a white rapper.Lets make him WWE Champ !!!111oneone
by Vince McMahon Jr August 10, 2005
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The reason WWE sucks right now.
Vince McMahon be kissing his ass but he doesn't care about others.
John Cena is for kiddies.
by PeterRDGriffin September 26, 2009
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