joeys a un-common term used for large breasts.
by alexthegreat joeys January 20, 2012
Gay men that surround and fall in love with only straight men.
He's a joey so if you're gay you have no chance with him.
by dlall82 November 06, 2014
A character from the 1987-1995 show "Full House" and is obsessed with children's cartoons. He lives with eight other people and is crushed on by a weird woman name Mrs. Curruthers. Blonde, Comedian who always treats his women well (even if they don't stay with him long).
Danny-Hey Joey, here's ten bucks for keeping you mouth shut.
Joey-Thanks Danny!
Jesse-Wait so you knew he was a pool shark?
Joey-Well yeah! He went to college in a billiards scholarship.
by StripeSweater March 20, 2014
Asshole swag-fag that carries around a pair of beats headphones all the time and has a hoodie with rolled up sleeves. Likes to hit people and called people faggots.
Person 1: Have you heard? mathieu brought his beats to school today.
Person 2: Yeah, hes such a joey.
by Anonymousaaswipewtf February 10, 2014
either a baby kangaroo, or the an adorable person who is nice to everyone he meets. he makes me melt everytime i see him. girls want to be with him and guys want to be him. he will win your heart with only a wink, and he doesn't even know it. once he's in your life, there's no turning back. he will be stuck in your mind forever. many people are yet to meet a joey, and i pity them. joey is unforgettable.
"hey, that guy reminds me of a baby kangaroo!"
"yeah, i know, right? it's actually just joey."
"i think i love him"
"no, he just looked at you."
by lollipop lamoureux February 19, 2012
The unsightly fat pouch-y area you grow just above your belt line.
Sadly- her Joey had exceeded all her previous expectations and fears.
by Kitty a go go February 14, 2015
The anus opening. Better known as the asshole. Someone who is an ass to others.
Joey is an anus opening. Joey is an asshole.
by 48_itsme February 08, 2015

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