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The coolest pitch man for cigarettes ever. Has some animal-like tendencies, mainly those of a camel.
Get lung cancer the Joe Camel way! *cough cough*
by sexie chocolate November 13, 2004
Jay-Z looks just like Joe Camel
" your open toe sandals and you look like Joe Camel" Cam'ron
by HaLfCrAzE March 20, 2006
An infamous cigarette advertising mascot with a phallic attitude.
Hey, this is Joe Camel, want to smoke a cigarette? Want to smoke a cigar? How about smoking something even bigger?
by danq58 January 14, 2008
A man's privates. Alternative name for the male reproductive organs (penis and tesicles)
Mary, I'd love it if you'd touch my Joe Camel
by BitchSlap August 07, 2003

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