Southeastern Louisiana slang term for "cigarette". Originated within the Black community of New Orleans where Camel cigarettes were once the most popular brand due to their low price. Before modern day advertising restrictions, Joe Camel used to be on every pack of Camel cigarettes. Therefore, "Joe" became a shorter slang term for cigarette within the Black community, and eventually spread throughout all communities in New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana.
I'm going to step outside and smoke a Joe.
by Bling Diggity July 02, 2011
Incredibly gorgeous boy, lovely dark hair, lovely brown eyes, beautiful smile, yummy body, tasty cock, very affectionate, lovely hugs, likes to kiss alot, good at performing oral sex on a girl, always smells nice and has a lovely family. If you were to have kids with a Joe they would be amazing gorgeous and he will be a wonderful husband and father.

I Love You Jose,
Girl 1: I went on a date with a guy last night!
Girl 2: Ah what was his name?
Girl 1: Joe
Girl 2: Oh my god hang on to him he'll be the sexiest father ever and your pussy will always be gagging for his tasty cock.
by GKittie October 28, 2011
Joe....... Joe is amazing, awesome, sweet, lovable, caring, and my life. Joe is a very handsome man who has the biggest heart in the world. He cares and will listen to anyone, and is friends with anyone who wants to be. He's an outstanding boyfriend, that other girls wish they had. If you know a joe you have to keep him because he will be there for you no matter what. He's had a lot of events happen in his life so he sees the world different, but this must makes him special. His looks are everything a girl has ever dreamed of. He's very protective of the ones he loves and they are just as protective back. He always gives compliments no matter if you listen to them or not. He is friend with everyone, and at times this can be annoying to his special someone when he talks to other girls. He's all you can think about. He's also very childish but this just adds to his amazing personality. Joes love adventure and new places. Joes also get bored easily but are great at drawing and anything artistic. Joe is the best person out there, he's a diamond in the ruff.
Boo: You are so amazing and I'm blessed your mine
Joe: Same to you, I still wonder how u got stuck with me
by JoleyBoo February 15, 2014
Basically the hotest kid you will ever meet he is also pretty buff and has a massive wanger so he should just become a pornstar because of all the girls he gets
Omg did you see that Joe kid he's so hot
by biggesttank101 February 23, 2011
Washigton DC based slang term used instead of man
yo! did u see them kids they was lunchin joe!
by hrm smk April 03, 2008
Joe is the best person you will ever meet, he is kind and generous, and so so funny! and also very attractive If you ever get the chance to meet joe, dont let him go, he will be the best friend you will ever have. He will love you, care for you and always make you happy! Sometimes he can be a bit overpertective, and jokes alot but you love him anyway because hes amazing! Everyone loves joe<3
Joe is my bestfriend<3
by Heffa_mellon November 30, 2012
Amazing dude, who everybody loves, usually with black hait which is quite straight.
Dude You are so lucky to be Joe.
by seymour-butts May 26, 2010

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