joe- meaning the sexyiest name ever created
gosh joe makes me happy in my pants
by chris arabe June 12, 2005
Coffee! Generally an affectionate term used by coffee lovers.
"I'm heading to the kitchen to get me a cup of joe"
by tea chest February 26, 2006
The definition of brilliant. A kind, loving guy who is confident and fun to be around. A Joe is a dog lover, who has strong opinions and isn't afraid to speak his mind. A Joe knows how to treat a girl well, and knows how to make her happy. Anyone in the world is lucky to be friends/together with a Joe, because a Joe is something that you would always want to hold on to. Joes are picky eaters, and many Joes have a great love for Pombear crisps.
Who's that Joe over there...he's GREAT!
by Revan123 August 11, 2010
he is the epitome of life, the hottest guy ever, has by far the biggest penis out of anyone, all the girls want him, all the guys want to be him, he plays guitar hero like he has sex, never gets tired, hits all the notes, and always has a virtual crowd cheering for him, he is defined as a god, chuck norris aint got shit on him, he kicked chuck norris's ass and then raped it
"Holy shit! "He just scored with that chick like a joe guller"

"That kid is going to be another joe guller"
by MEGAcock30000 February 18, 2010
A guy who loves to have fun but breaks hearts.
Joes a great guy but broke Rachels heart
by RussellUp January 10, 2010
Northern Irish slang for a condom.
Here m8, got ne joes bi?
Aye no sweat, 4 pack o' perfoma oughta do 'er.
Cheers m8
Get 'er bucked!
by Johnny Adair May 13, 2009
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