Amazing dude, who everybody loves, usually with black hait which is quite straight.
Dude You are so lucky to be Joe.
by seymour-butts May 26, 2010
Joes are of medium height, usually about 5'8" and they are really athletic. They love running. Joes hate matching their clothes, so they always look crazy. A Joe is a guy who you got drunk with one night. Stuff happened. Joe is a guy who is now dating one of your best friends and you can't tell her. Joes are very attractive and they know it, but pretend not to. They are very smart, and also competitive.
Girl 1: Hey, there's that hot guy Joe!
Girl 2: Yeah, I know, he's super gorgeous.
by Shits-And-Giggles November 19, 2013
Washigton DC based slang term used instead of man
yo! did u see them kids they was lunchin joe!
by hrm smk April 03, 2008
He can be a bit of a dick. Don't get into an argument with Joe, he will use sarcasm and his cynical attitude against you. Don't mock him, he's sensitive.
"I am perfectly average height thank you very much!"

"Don't be such a Joe about it"
by fuzzball123 January 10, 2013
Joe is an unbelieveable person. He makes everyone feel good when they are sad and is the best owns to have. He will always be the type to have that just one person who no matter what, is his best Friend. He will treat them like they are God and love them. Ya it's a girl normally because joe is cool too. God loves Joe so should everyone. I love you Joe
Person: OMG I love that guy
Me: His name is Joe! Lay off he's mine!!!
by Chickensteve March 29, 2015
A pretty man whose really Harry Potter in disguise.
Oh that's a pretty man... Maybe he's a Joe!


We're all just blown away by that Joe's hotness.
by Chrispineismine December 06, 2010
JoE or two names put together Joe and Eduardo, the most awesome people in the world, they can fly, ride a fish up into space, walk on walls, and skydive without leaving the ground, and can aslo have a orgasm without having any sexual things.
omg were soo cool like JoE
by JoE ;) August 05, 2010

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