Joe....... Joe is amazing, awesome, sweet, lovable, caring, and my life. Joe is a very handsome man who has the biggest heart in the world. He cares and will listen to anyone, and is friends with anyone who wants to be. He's an outstanding boyfriend, that other girls wish they had. If you know a joe you have to keep him because he will be there for you no matter what. He's had a lot of events happen in his life so he sees the world different, but this must makes him special. His looks are everything a girl has ever dreamed of. He's very protective of the ones he loves and they are just as protective back. He always gives compliments no matter if you listen to them or not. He is friend with everyone, and at times this can be annoying to his special someone when he talks to other girls. He's all you can think about. He's also very childish but this just adds to his amazing personality. Joes love adventure and new places. Joes also get bored easily but are great at drawing and anything artistic. Joe is the best person out there, he's a diamond in the ruff.
Boo: You are so amazing and I'm blessed your mine
Joe: Same to you, I still wonder how u got stuck with me
by JoleyBoo February 15, 2014
He can be a bit of a dick. Don't get into an argument with Joe, he will use sarcasm and his cynical attitude against you. Don't mock him, he's sensitive.
"I am perfectly average height thank you very much!"

"Don't be such a Joe about it"
by fuzzball123 January 10, 2013
Acronym for Jerk Off Encouragement
Guys often use phone sex or porn for J.O.E. (jerk off encouragement)
by April 20, 2012
1. to get burnt.
2. experiment lots with drugs
3.totally insane but is a genius in many ways
4. is a good guy and friend

5.will hold grudges.
1.don't play with fire or you'll become a Joe
2.look at that Joe over there all super high babeling about how to make a time machine. (the machine work but only going forward.)
by Daramier June 27, 2011
JoE or two names put together Joe and Eduardo, the most awesome people in the world, they can fly, ride a fish up into space, walk on walls, and skydive without leaving the ground, and can aslo have a orgasm without having any sexual things.
omg were soo cool like JoE
by JoE ;) August 05, 2010
The sweetest guy ull ever meet a little weerd @ times but still funny he's nice to everyone and he annoys me sometimesbut i luv him so much. Chuck Norris ain't got nothing on him.
"Joe...ur a dumass"
by _Mrs Rosalee Goatboy July 23, 2014
One who fingers goats
"oi lad i saw this lad in the himalayan mountains once fingering this goat and his made was behind him with a pulled hamstring" "mate thats a joe"
by cunt69 May 31, 2014

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