The Angel of Death, surgeon of demise, infamous butcher and rancid scienceman, mostly renowed for his work during the Hitler's Reich and his rancid scream feeding.
"Angel of death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Sadistic, surgeon of demise
Sadist of the noblest blood"

- Slayer, Angel of Death (Joe)
by the Arald January 02, 2006
n: A man with a long, thick penis, a freshly shorn scrotum, and the ability to maintain a granite-like erection for long periods of time. He is also attractive, funny, and brilliant. A little known aspect of a joe is the unparallelled ability to grill various meats.
Hot Girl 1: What's wrong with you? You have a stomach ache? And you are sitting kind of funny, like crooked.

Hot Girl 2: No, I had a date last night with this attractive, funny, and brillant guy who grilled the best meat I've ever had. I should have known, he turned out to be a joe. I tried to blow him, but he ended up jackhammering the bottom of my vagina for 3 and a half hours. Just wrecked it, I could fit a baseball bat in there when he was done. I'm SO sore today. I finally asked him what I had to do to make him cum. So that's why I'm sitting funny.

Hot Girl 1: You had to let him PIIYB, huh? Ouch. You happen to have his number?
by Joeg3 August 28, 2010
Is an amazing man who knows how to treat a girl right. Super sexy, kind, caring, and amazing! Has a great body.
Look at that guy, he just be a Joe!
by sw15 April 13, 2010
Being overly hype for NO reason.

(mostly used in Philly)
Dude: "Yooooo, we fuck bitches and get money!!!!!!!!!"

Me: "Why are you so fucking joe? Shut up!"
by Mimi4544446 April 13, 2010
Southeastern Louisiana slang term for "cigarette". Originated within the Black community of New Orleans where Camel cigarettes were once the most popular brand due to their low price. Before modern day advertising restrictions, Joe Camel used to be on every pack of Camel cigarettes. Therefore, "Joe" became a shorter slang term for cigarette within the Black community, and eventually spread throughout all communities in New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana.
I'm going to step outside and smoke a Joe.
by Bling Diggity July 02, 2011
A joe is a kind loving person. They will always be there for you when you need them most.
Suited to a "Katie"
"oh, i love joe. what a shame he's with katie."
by FLOOGY May 09, 2010
An unbelievably amazing man, who is extremely trustworthy and irresistible. Is always there for you when you need him. A genuinely kind person that once you get, you should never let go.
you are with a Joe? wow don't fuck it up!
by savy December 20, 2012
Joe's are sweet, kind, and lovable. They can get sappy, but that just means he loves you! When you have a Joe, don't let him go. A Joe can be a hardworker, and is commonly referred to as "lightening mcqueen."

Very Suitable for "Kaylie's"
Wow! That Joe's a lightening McQueen!!!
by kay333 August 23, 2011

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