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The Angel of Death, surgeon of demise, infamous butcher and rancid scienceman, mostly renowed for his work during the Hitler's Reich and his rancid scream feeding.
"Angel of death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Sadistic, surgeon of demise
Sadist of the noblest blood"

- Slayer, Angel of Death (Joe)
by the Arald January 02, 2006
A cigarette, something you smoke.
Hey can I have a joe.
I need a joe.
by Dexstar June 15, 2008


one of the biggest ass wipes you will ever have the misfortune of encountering. rapes girls. does drugs. passes out in front of apartment buildings. is targeted by Panera rapists. a huge dickwad, and ugly as FUCKKKKKKKK
Woah, Adolph Hitler was such a Joe.
Tiger Woods is a major Joe.
by Oliveeeefacebook March 25, 2010
A faggot who joins the military just to get fucked in the ass.
Joe fucks dudes in camo for fun.
by samual sam man February 06, 2010
the ugliest thing on earth. girls hate him. he thinks he's the shit when he is shit. verry ugly and ape looking. he thinks hes so cooool when he's not
joe pacini
by ilikemilkalot June 21, 2010
Guys with that name are usually of the deligation type that leave major responsibilities to others to do the dirty work whilst sitting home operating a daycare for there own grandchild not excepting money for there services but have no problem holding the palm of there hand out come payday for services they do not earn for the company that supplies there paycheck.
Joe deligates anything that involves real work
by Tired of Joe March 20, 2008
The plastic device on the top of some liquor bottles that inhibits the flow of alcohol into your cup, and thus inhibits the fun. Removing the joe allows for more alcohol faster, therefore more fun, faster.
"Man! This Popov is pouring really slowly!"
"Dude! Thats why you remove the Joe!"
by JonnyG42 April 01, 2008
a slang term for shit
1. Wow! look at that joe....its so sloppy!!!
2. Oh Man, I got to take such a big joe!!!
3. Dude, I jus ate that prime rib and now i have to take such a dirty joe.
4. My girlfriend dropped a big joe on my chest last night.
by Dylan Tito September 02, 2007