Joe: A person who rages and makes others feel bad for him just so he can have a laugh at another persons expense. People normally hate Joe.
Joe: You just stole my kill! WTF. /ignore
Friend: Why are you so pissed?
Friend: Dude?
Friend: I'm sorry bro, don't ignore me.
Joe: LMAO just kidding, n00b.
Friend: You ass.
by Jmotion June 13, 2012
Term for anything that is fucked up, cheap, unusable. Detroit construction worker, rigger, tool pusher, wrench turner, and later on, hockey player word for piece of shit.
Who's Joe hammer is this?

Tear down that wall and put up a new one, it's Joe.

Hey, nice shot, where'd you get that Joe lookin' blade?
by Nick55 December 04, 2011
a transvestite who rapes little kids and gets horny and smokes weed. usually freakishly good at math, wears plad shirts all the time, and generally has a lot of acne
joe's a tranny
by 316CO143 April 13, 2011
a olden day slang word mean "homosexual"
steve:Wow those two guys had sex together last night

bill: Wow what joes!
by dark underlord dragon_slayer 1 April 05, 2011
To sexually approach someone.
Dang, he's joeing all those chicks!
by J the Great and Almighty January 30, 2011
A guy who if made fun of will fart diarrhea foam into the persons mouth, his ball smell like dog shit and old tit milk. He can overcome any situation he is dealt usually by doing something disgusting like jamming his finger down his throat and puking into a funnel he somehow managed to ram into his dickhole, he also like to say ram and jam, be aware if you hear those words closely together.
Doctor to Nurse: "Damn it I got another Joe in there it's a mess!" Nurse to Doctor: "Blood and shit everywhere again?" Doctor to nurse: "Yeah vomit too fuck my life!"
by Littleton1984 November 15, 2010
a rich needy boy
yo nigg quit being such a joe
by playahata94 August 03, 2010

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