A person with fucking awesome hair, quite skinny and small feet... if you know what i mean =P
Omg hasnt Joe got awesome hair!

I know! its brilliant!
by Charlie Von Grim October 28, 2008
To run through a planted claymore while playing Call of Duty 4. To also run up on an unsespecting or suspecting person and knife them via the throat. To run into someone and instead of saying hello steal thier wallet.
"Dude! That noob just did a joe!" or "Oh My God! Mommy that man just shanked my throat via a knife!" and *guy bumps into another one.*"Hey watch it....bit%h stole my wallet!*
by Panther#2 March 26, 2008
Someone who has nothing better to do but Mow his yard all the time.
"Joe is at it again mowing his dame yard".
by affie4u April 09, 2009
A person who doesnt keep his promises. Uses people for his own needs and then abandons them.
She was crushed after Joe told her that she wasn't a priority and then left her behind.
by Chane18 August 15, 2008

1. coffee

2. an ordinary man
How about a cup of joe.
by Light Joker May 24, 2007
The word Joe could mean anything, from pass the Joe or i did the best Joe the other day.
Son: Pass the Joe mum

Mother: Not yet
by CJ torrent May 10, 2009
A man who thinks the sun rises and sets with his dick. Although, he does know how to use it, lacks in many other trades in the bedroom. You probably won't be able to carry much of a conversation with him, due to his lack of intelligence and abundance of immaturity.

You may look at him from a distance and say, "Yeah, I could fuck him," but once you actually try and vocalize an intrest you automatically bail because you realize that you would rather have sex with the 500 lb man standing next to him WITH a personality. You might think that this is a well rounded person, loves his parents, goes to college, plays sports, but the only thing that is well-rounded about him is the size of his penis. But even his penis lacks in personality 90% of the time.

He thinks he is a hardass and will talk a lot of shit, but when a confrontation arises he backs down like a pussy (which he has no clue how to eat). He is scared of commitment, and will treat you like you should give a damn what he says, and that you should do what he tells you, when he tells you. He basically presents a relationship (with a douche-bag) without actually stating that you are in a relationship. He will question you about everything, but Hell-to-the-no will you ask him anything. I often think about him when I am super horny, but then I realize how stupid that thought was and how much I would rather use my dildo. Even my vibrator has a better personality.
girl1: I wish the conversation could have been atleast equivalent to the sex
girl2:really? Why?
girl1: I just feel like I am ready to have someone that doesn't treat me like a whore
girl2: ugh, well you will never get that from a Joe.
by charmer87 February 06, 2010

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