a fat, curly haired young man who never gets off the computer. He needs more exercise.
joe lombardi
by asdfadsgs June 01, 2013
Joe: A person who rages and makes others feel bad for him just so he can have a laugh at another persons expense. People normally hate Joe.
Joe: You just stole my kill! WTF. /ignore
Friend: Why are you so pissed?
Friend: Dude?
Friend: I'm sorry bro, don't ignore me.
Joe: LMAO just kidding, n00b.
Friend: You ass.
by Jmotion June 13, 2012
Term for anything that is fucked up, cheap, unusable. Detroit construction worker, rigger, tool pusher, wrench turner, and later on, hockey player word for piece of shit.
Who's Joe hammer is this?

Tear down that wall and put up a new one, it's Joe.

Hey, nice shot, where'd you get that Joe lookin' blade?
by Nick55 December 04, 2011
a transvestite who rapes little kids and gets horny and smokes weed. usually freakishly good at math, wears plad shirts all the time, and generally has a lot of acne
joe's a tranny
by 316CO143 April 13, 2011
A Joe means to fall Unconcious/Die during a quest or mission on a video game.
'Barbaric has fallen unconcious' Oh my god you just did a total Joe.
by HapurubokkaDeath January 31, 2011
Complete ASSHOLE! Also known as one who moves from girl to girl. Has a small orange penis. Trys to talk to girls at games and they find him weird and annoying.
to sum it up Joe is not worth it
by Casandra Talentio August 25, 2008
A person who acts like they like you, than totally ignores you in the end. Also someone who won't answer your texts. But is still really hott!
OMG look at him he is such a joe. Plz dont get involved with him.
by LargoTalker May 04, 2010
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