The shittest Gadsby.
You know Joe Gasby? Well he's the shittest Gadsby of them all.
by fanny-adams January 20, 2011
someone who is extremely overdramatic about everything. usually right after being dumped by a girl. also, someone who decides to copy his friends and try to be the same as them by doing things like changing their style to match them.
Person 1 "my girlfriend ditched me, i hate that bitch! I'm gonna dump her next time i see her."
Person 2 "Wow bro, way to pull a joe on me, we all know that you could never do that"

Person 1 "I have amnesia, i dont know who you are. Alicia? whos that?"
Person 2 "No you dont, shut up and quit being a joe"
by therockerof1995 February 18, 2011
A black kid with a massive penis.
Joe gets soooooo much pussy
by nipple hunter September 21, 2010
Joe is slang for rock, boulder or other solid object. Used in reference to somebody who is large or hard to move
Yo, why there so many people standing at the door?
Coz nobdy can fit pas Joe at the front.
by handsdownthugtasticlike6:30 July 16, 2009
Big time guido. Usually found in the club trying to dance on chicks. Very puny and non-muscular. Has a tiny penis.
Friend 1 - His penis was so small.

Friend 2 - Was his name Joe?
Friend 1 - Obviously
by Guido Hater August 24, 2010
To smoke a cigarette or any other substance.
Yo let me joe that blunt!
by Clinical Rage May 03, 2010
Slang for someone enlisted in the United States Army.
Did you see that Joe in walmart? Do they ever take off their uniforms?
by SquallyZ06 February 23, 2009

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