is straight up gay gets analed by purtorican men and likes horses and peoplenamed b a and p who are freinds and he turns and likes them for there asses
joe is a anal monster for purteo rican men thet are hairy
by joes a gay whore August 29, 2008
guy who takes it up the rear so much that they're arse has fallen off, can also be used as the verb to catch an STI off of a pirate
that joe just joed so hard, he died
by theultimatemanofmangosand April 28, 2008
Usually an extremely heterophobic male or referring to an extremely heterophobic or otherwise gay individual.
He's Joe, but his name is Billy. or. Stop being so Joe!!
by Demon Blackheart February 26, 2008
1) Acting like a goofey cracker (Philadelphia). Sometimes used by young black men as a slight jab against white people who act extra nerdy, dorky, uptight, or walk around like they got a rock in their ass.

2) A situation, thing, or event that is too straight-edged to enjoy.
Yo that party was joe as shit.
by waterclown October 16, 2007
another word for cigerrette
Let's go smoke a joe.
by Josh D'Arcangelo February 25, 2007
lame; loser ; no game;lacking street smarts
aye dawwg u so joe.
why u hangin wit dem joe ass niggaz
by shonda wanda December 13, 2007
someone who frequently displays the large moles on his face.
person 1:omg look at that guys mole!!
person 2: hahaha joe!!!!!!!!!
by hehehe XD January 07, 2008

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